Will tech companies attract newcomers to PR?

It appears that some tech companies have an interest in infrastructure reconstruction, which means water power, roads, transportation. If public/private deals are struck, I'm wondering if this wouldn't eventually offer 1) both skilled and unskilled employment and 2) a positive motivation for 30-somethings to take a chance on PR. Before "Heavy heart" was closed, someone was commenting on using this forum to inform/encourage prospective newcomers. I see that St. Johns is in session, even scheduling SATs this month. I wonder if Baldwin and Robinson are also in session. If so, some of the "well off" professionals who can afford the tuition must be hanging on. It brings to mind the thought that all the roads in the world can't substitute for a 21st century education. In closing, I've always wondered why it would be so impossible to have public transportation for twice daily runs, say, between IV and Fajardo or RP-Santurce-Dorado. The tren urbano was a good start and could be extended if the cars aren't wrecked and track ripped up.  Even a used school bus making twice daily runs to Fajardo or between Mayaguez and Rincon (is Aguadilla still standing?) ....what's so unthinkable about that? Three million inhabitants with three million cars is unthinkable and not in the purview of green-thinking 30-somethings noted above.

I don’t think any tech firms will be interested in PR after this hurricane (if they ever were before). No electricity = no revenue.

(Not to mention that the regulatory and tax environment still stinks.)

Before any company has an interest in PR, the issue with Electricity, water, Internet and cell phones will have to stabilize.

The only ones I can think off are those that provide solutions to generate electricity. For example Tesla and others.

Some will be interested in cheap real estate and in purchasing properties that are in default with the banks. As more people leave the island they will probably abandon their mortgages so the number of homes in default will likely grow.

Some investors may be interested in large agriculture projects, but not likely to be pesticide and chemical free.

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