Where to cash a cheque in Malta (in 2017) ?

Is that possible to cash a cheque in Malta ? (in the waiting of the opening of a bank account for example)
If yes, can you share some names and/or addresses please.

I think you need to go to the issuing bank.

chseychell :

I think you need to go to the issuing bank.

I second that. Take your passport and the checque and wait in the queue, they'll pay out the cash without any problems

To cash it in any other bank, you need to have a bank account thee. They will deposit it into your account until they get the clearance from the issuing bank. Only then the money is yours to withdraw.
If you need the cash in hand there and then, you must withdraw it from your account. Obviously, you need to have at least that amount in your bank account. So technically, you won't be cashing the cheque, but you would be depositing the cheque while at the same time you would be withdrawing funds you would have previously deposited.

Ok, thank you guys for your replies.

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