Spouse visa

Hello ..my husband is coming to Sri Lanka for work under the BOI system for 2 years  I had planned to come with him on a dependents visa however I read yesterday that these are only granted for company directors or investors.  Can anyone clarify this ? I am hoping to find work once I am there but do not want to come in on a tourist visa as this means I cannot request residency


You can still get dependent visa it's easy 👍🏻

Ok thats good to know
Thank you

Do let me know if you need any help

Do I just apply as my husband's dependent ? I'm a bit unclear ?

Yea you have to apply as dependent they might give visa for a year then again for another year but there chances to get two year visa in one time
(He will be granted visit visa at the airport then he get two year visa in immigration and emigration department that's how it's work)

Ok thank you very much

You both traveling to Sri Lanka then you will be granted visit visa at the airport then you two need to go immigration and emigration department in Colombo and apply for the other category visa
Your husband is main applicants and you are dependent
I know few officers in visa department, do let me know if you need any help on that time "it's very straight forward not like home office lol

Thank you ...do you know if I can work on a dependents visa ? Sorry bombarding you with questions

It's possible but it's really hard to find a good job here, wages are too low
I had been living in England for six years I worked full time and paid well but I'm here about three years now couldn't get a well paid job, you won't believe the wages in Sri Lanka it's sounds ridiculous

Yes I've been told it's very difficult I am under no illusions but hope to find something

Good luck with that

Hi Brian, thanks for the posts they were really helpful. Do you know if I can work from Sri Lanka on a spouse visa for a foreign company? i.e. if I have an option to work remotely?

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