Can UAE driving license drive car in Bahrain?

Hi everyone,

I have valid UAE deriving license, can I drive car here in Bahrain? I have got cpr already.

Thank you


No, you cannot. You can only drive if your a on visit visa. You need to change your UAE license for a Bahraini one, below is the process


Officially you cannot sure. However; I do not think that any police officer who is seeing UAE driving licence will create problem for first time.

Anyway, it is too easy to convert your license to Bahraini. Don't delay it bro.

I got omani license before 2 months.  Now i am in baharain, can i change my omani license to Baharain.  Or i have to wait 1 year to change.  Please give me some advise

You should be able to change it at the traffic directorate, i am not sure about the 1year clause you can verify at the same place. … 4Q_BIIeTAK


Thank you for your advise....

No.  Only on visit visa.  To be honest, no one checks until there is an accident - and that is when you will be in trouble.

Second, you can rent car on it but to buy one, you might be asked to produce Bahrain license - as an expat.

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