Can Evisa holders seek employment

Hi All,

My name is Al Rameez. I’m thinking of applying for the visit visa and i’ll be travelling to Bahrain in the upcoming week. I’ve my friend living there and i’ll stay with him.

Can I look for a job and attend interviews with Visit visa? If yes once the employer released an offer will he able to convert my visit visa to work visa?

My friend suggesting me to get a Transfer visa from an agency who is asking for 240BHD for 30 days. With that I can seek job and also the visa can be transferred to any employer. My concern here is spending a huge lump of money on visa to seek employement. If I can seek a job with visit visa I can spend 1/3 of this amount.

Please advise!!!


Yes you can search for a job on a visit visa.


Thank you so much. @logicalindian

Hey AlRameez, you can apply for a visa and come to Bahrain and later transfer it too .

No issues mate .

If you need help applying online , PM me .

Lately the evisa portal is acting strange , but anyways , here to help :)

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