Who I am

I am rihem Bouzaiene from Tunisia
I'm graduated from business English and international trade school in Tunisia , and I came to turkey for an internship
I came and I've met people so kind really it isn't a compliment but it's the reality and I discovered many amazing things as places,, food,, and the most important thing is tradition
Basically and because we are Muslims there is no a big difference between our tradions but I like it, moreover I learned a new language which is Turkish language of course since I am in Turkey so first thing to do is to speak Turkish and it wasn't very hard cause I speak 4 languages
Finally I'm doing my best to get my master degree
Happy and proud of myself and I appreciate every single action I've done

welcome to turkey!
hope you enjoy yr time.
what are you studying as master class, how about doctorate?
wish you good luck..

Thank you
Actually right now I am interested in master degree in Business English and international trade

if you are graduated from business english and international trade school in tunisia, why you want to do yr master degree on the same division, it is losing time, you should choose another related branch..

I get your point
Anyway thanks for your interest

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