2years Multiple Exit Re-entry visa details

Dear Brother.

I couldnt find the visa type (Open or Air) on the visa page.
Can you show some sample.

"OPEN" or مفتوح.
"AIR" or جو.
Its written in Arabic.....read each word on visa you will understand

yes i found it..thanks..

it means i can travel to bahrain for exit reentry by road?

If it's written open means yes you can
Once confirm it with Travels


I have 2 year multiple visit visa for my mother, Do i have 2 renew it after three months or i just need exit before six months and re enter any time until the visa is valid. Any one has info please share

after every three months you will have to renew it in your absher account and after every six months exit re-entry is compulsory!!

Thanks man, one thing more, renewal from absher can be done how many days before completing three months, as i understand that as early you can arrange the better it is, if any problem you know early and can avoid over stay ..

Renewal can be done under One week before   from the expiry date.
Once expired u can't do anything.
So see the visa expiry date in Absher and set an reminder of atleast 2days before in ur mobile.



Any updates on this? What could be the maximum stay out of Saudi Arabia after 180 days exit. When they should come back? Asking for my mom.

Please help

before your visa expire you should return

Expiry means,? I couldn’t find an expiry date except the 365D as validity. It is for one year multiple. So does it mean, she should come back before the next year of first entry date?

On the visa:

See the date of issue
Add the time period of the visa to that e.g. 365 days
To be on safe side, subtract a week from it to align it to the Islamic calendar days
That is your visa expiry date


My Wife and kid having 1 year multiple visit visa. its 3 months finish yesterday i renewed it.

my question is

after 2 days we are going for short vacation. Is she can come back same visa?
if she came back,  after 6 month again she want to quit from saudi arabia?

please let me know;

thank you

I am on multiple re entry visa for 2years. My first 6months are at the end so I will be doing re entry. Is it necessary to do ??

One more question is
I will be leaving Saudi this week but online it shows my days of stay till 26th April so if I take a re entry, till when my days of stay will be extended and from when it will be counted???
Either from the date i exit or from the date I re enter  ksa again?

I don't understand what you are asking.  But I have answered dozens of times on this topic - look it up.

Asalam alaikum friends,

Please share your experience if any one already traveled to Bahrain through cause way for renewal of visit visa.

My question is , when the couting of visa days starts, from date of entrance , and stay at home coutry during exit re entrance is also counted ?? (730 days visa)

Day of entry into Saudi only for days of stay. Validity from date of issue.

Day of entry into Saudi only for days of stay. Validity from date of issue.

Thanks man got it.

Hello Dear,

Hope so you are doing well, my family is on two years multi exit re-entry visa, I will extend the visa on end of first three month duration for next three months. Insurance company on Abshar has 3 types of insurance, 3 months, 6 months and 1 years, please can you guide which option should choose. because for visa extension insurance is mandatory.

Please inbox your contact details. I have to discuss for 2 years multiple entry visa. 

Hello Brother's

I Just want to share my Bahrain Road Trip Experience,

Yesterday i went to Bahrain by car (Causeway) for renewal of my family multiple visit visa it just took me 15 mins and it done. All you need is (guaranteed/legal way)-

1. Single Entry Bahrain Visa for visit visa holders.
    (you can apply online or by agent...if apply online it cost 100sr if agent it cost 400sr)
2. Your Iqama and Passport with Exit reentry visa.
3. Your Car with Valid Fahas and Istemara.

That's it. It is very simple, no need to get confused with all old conversation and suggestions bla bla bla...enjoy relax.....i suggest you to bring your family on multiple visit visa without any second thought and  have a good life in KSA.


Thanks for the valuable info Mr Farhan . Can you please advise the time period when you went to Bahrain to renew the Visa ? I am planning to issue a 2 year Multiple Visa and would like to know the time frame in which I have to renew it, Is it every 180 days or every under 180 days ?.

1. I went on last friday before friday prayer, because there wont be much traffic and u can finish entire immigration procedure in max 15 mins....
2. I suggest you to make 2 years multiple visit visa for ur fmily....
3. you can renew make exit rentry before finishing 180 days (under).

Jazakallah Khair Mr Farhan for the instant response. Really appreciate it and you have given me a positive feedback as I am working on applying Visa for my family.

your welcome...
pls go ahead... :cheers:

Dear i want to know if i send my wife after 170 days to native country for exit rentry purpose does she stay over 10 days there.Can she stay 2 or 3 months there

Can stay whatever number of days she wants.

Are you sure that visa will not void and one more thing i want to ask that time which she stay in native country it will include in 2 years visa time ?

Of course.

Be clear on the two items.

Visa validity is from the date of stamping.  It will expire when its supposed to expire. Whether you use it or not.

Days of stay are on each entry. You can't stay more than the allowed days of stay.

Thankyou so much for sharing valuable knowledge. As i told you my family is in 2 years multiple visa here.I realy want to know that for exit rentry i can go to king fahad cause away ,is there any  problem for my family there to issue the visa or should i apply the visa of bahrain to go before causeaway .which visa is applicable to travel from king fahad causeaway because i have listen some evisa not valid in causeaway .

If you know any informtion please share

Search the threads.  I have already answered these questions dozens of times.

Dear farhan
Can you tell me exact which bahrain visa is required to go from causeway?

Visit single entry
7 day visit visa via embassy

Also share the agents details who can do this visa work

Ali Zafar....
1. Single Entry Bahrain Visa 9BD- if you apply directly embassy through internet directly (but u need to upload documents which is very hard)
2. if apply through agent it cost 40BD for visa + 20BD for hotel for the same visa.

Dear Farhan
Can you share agents contacts information? It will be very helpful

sent DM


same questing
my wife can come back in Valid visit visa mean two year complete or saying time will be valid visa time like 90 or 180.


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