2years Multiple Exit Re-entry visa details

Depends on days of stay.  If 180 days allowed, then exit before 180 days and come back any time.   The visa has to be valid for the return entry.

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Hi... I came to saudi Arabia in business visa. Also presently I am working..to convert to employment visa we have  to exit right.. So for that i have to go to India or i can go somewhere in gulf countries for exit

You have to exit and apply from your home country.  The only way you can apply for an employment visa from another country is IF you have legal residency there plus the employer has a visa for you assigned to that location.

Dear All, Hi, I have 1 year multiple exit/re-entry visa. Stay mentioned is 90 days.
Does it mean I have to exit/re-enter after 90 days ?
Can I extend on Absher after 90 days or is it mandatory to exit after 90days?

Did you find out? Is it necessary to go to home country itself for exit and re entry?

90days means you can stay for nearly 3months and before the visa expiry date u can extend the visa for more three momths, check the website

You can extend for 90 days more by paying fees.  It has to be an exit after that - doesn't matter where to.  You just need to leave and then come back.

So iam from india.. That means i have to go to  India and i cannot convert my business visa to employment visa from any other gulf countries like Bahrain, dubai.... Right??

Yes you can't unless you have a residence permit in those countries and your employer has a visa available there.

Okay thank you

If i have a saudi residence permit... Can i convert my business visa to employment visa from gulf countries??

What are you not understanding?

You have a business visa for Saudi as you said. This is NOT a residence permit or iqama.

To get an iqama from anywhere else, you MUST have residence permit in THAT country (eg residence permit of UAE) AND your employer must have a quota for your nationality assigned to that country which they usually don't.

I won't respond again if you keep asking the same question again and again and don't read what has already been written.

I apologise for this.. I asked u this because i am full confused.. Some are my friends telling that u not need to go India.. For exit u can go to the any gulf countries.. So i repeated the same... Once again sorry and thank for the information

You are confusing different topics. Exit you can do anywhere. Visa conversion is as I have written above.

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I couldnt find the visa type (Open or Air) on the visa page. Can i find it anywhere else?? Appreciate your support.

It is ON the visa page.  Look closely.  It is on visit visas - not on work visas.   AND it is in ARABIC not English.

Assalamu Alaikum,
I had got 2 years multiple entry visa for my mother but I forgot to renew it after 90 days nor did I recieved any message for renewal, when I tried through app it was directed to pay 500 SR but later it shows the time is over, now I came to know that there will be fine of 15000 SR and deportation.
Is there Any option.
Please guide me

Only option is to go to Jawazat with a local Saudi guy from your company and try to sort it out.   Maybe you can agree to a lower fine but I think that they will still ask her to leave.


Could you tell me after exit from KSA to return back is there any time period.

As of now my family left after 6 months and in absher it's not showing any data to renew.

If possible kindly contact to ***

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How to get behrein visa? If anyone knows Pls share


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I am on multiple re entry visa, I extended visa after 90days, now 180days are about to complete and now I have to re entry in Saudi again, so I can visit behrein also for re entry???

Yes if you have a Bahrain visa and your Saudi visa says open in mode of travel. Otherwise for most nationalities, Saudi immigration will not allow you to exit.

Can you tell me the exact Arabic word which mentions open on visa?

How can I get visa for UAE?

If I have open mode of travel on my visa, and I am currently on multiple re entry visa which is valid till 26th April 2019, and if I visit behrein now, will my visa validity extend???

"OPEN" or مفتوح.
"AIR" or جو.

Visa for UAE , you can apply online. 
https://government.ae/en/information-an … s-or-visas

Visa validity doesn't extend.  What extends / resets are days of stay.  Once visa validity expires, you need to exit the country and apply for a new visa.

Thank you so much for ur valuable information
Actually I have a multiple re entry visa for 730 days stay.
I extended after 90days for more 90days which is total 6months
Now online date is showing 26th april
So If I visit behrein or Dubai now
What wil happen I am in doubt

Thank you so much
U really answer our queries in very understandable way.

As I said, if the visa is valid, you can exit and re-enter without issue.   If you exit now and then re-enter, your days of stay will reset and you will get 90 days again from date of entry.  You will need to extend again for 180 days.

Okay xtang thank you very very much

my family is on two year multi visit visa, before 180 days they went to india.. still they are in india around 5 months.. are they can come back with same visa??? pls answer...

If visa is valid, yes.

thanks for your reply.. from which site I can check the visa validity?

Look on the visa itself.


Absher I think

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