2years Multiple Exit Re-entry visa details

Salam!! My question is that my mother-in-law is having a 2 years multiple exit re-entry visit visa. She has already completed 180days, now she has to go out of the kingdom and come back!!! Please guide me that will it be possible for her to get exit re-entry stamp on her passport, if she goes to the causeway and return back to saudi arabia??? Or she will have to go to the home country??

How did you get a 2 year multiple in the first place?

The general rule is that you need to exit the country. So yeah she can go to bahrain get the stamp and come back.

This will be counted as an exit and re entry.

Always best to check with your company's Government relations department.

Thank You for your reply!!! Without a bahrain visa and without iqama she can go there???

As long as you have an exit reentry visa and a valid iqama you do not need a separate visa for bahrain. You get it on the causeway.

But my mother-in-law in on visit, she does not have iqama. So, she can go there??

Hello I need help. How to process multiple visit visa in MOFA. I only see single entry when I process it online

Nanan123 :

But my mother-in-law in on visit, she does not have iqama. So, she can go there??

yes...she can travel to Bahrain. you will have to pay for the visa on arrival @ the causeway.

brother please give me your contact no i have also same issue now please help me my family stay there 180 days she have multiple entry visit visa for 730 days so when she will finish 180 days she will exit reentry on the same visa or need to new visa to come back again to Saudi Arabia.

If you overstay your visa, there is a large fine to be paid. So send her to Dubai for a night and then back again.

thank you dear

Dear Sir,

please let me know that, is 2 year multiple visit visa in renewal in Abser   after 1st 3 month till 180 Days.

because my family in 2 year multiple visit visa Nov 21st their 90 days will complete can I renew the visa without going out of kingdom. please advise thanking you sincerely.



Any update with members experience on renewing their beloved ones multiple exit re-entry visas this month via Bahrain causeway ?


Yes ,she can. You can get Bahrain visa online . Make it online first to save time

Assalamualikum Everyone,

My case is also same, need to exit after 180 days stay in kingdom with 2 year Multiple Entry Visit Visa.
If anyone gone through Exit & Re entry at King Fahd Causeway recently please share the details
I am reachable at ***

If need to go home country for exit & re entry, need to come back after present visa expiry date or can enter kingdom after the visa expiry date

Any time limit for entry & exit??

Please share your experience, need urgently


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For two years multiple exit reentry visa for family, is it required to exit in every three months or we can stay upto six months?

Please give me feedback.

Brother can you give me the update on your concern. I am also planning to bring my family on TWO years visit visa. Can they stay in KSA for six months or only three months at a time.

Need your help in this.

What does it say on the visa?  If it says 90 days, you can get it extended once more for another 90 days. After that you have to exit and re-enter.  By the way, it is not automatic, you HAVE to extend it.

I have just filled the application in which its 90 days, but someone told me that it cannot extend after 90 days. We need to exit and re enter in every three months. Is it true? or we can extent in absher after 90 days for more 90 days? Please advice.

Read what I wrote above.  Yes.

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