Moving to Bangkok. Need information on the living costs


I am from India.  I will be moving to Bangkok this Nov-Dec 2017. I have been offered a job with 110k+ baht monthly but I am not sure about the living costs. I am also not sure if this would be the right package as I take home close to 1,700k INR (1.7 million) annually on my current job.  I will be moving with my family - wife and 1 year kid. I just want to know if I had be able to save enough money.
How much would it cost for a decent 1 br/ 2br flat on a 5-10kms radius near santhorn. what areas would you suggest?  What would be the electricity/gas/water cost monthly.  Grocery expenses and transportation expenses.  How much can i expect to be my monthly expenses including food, rent, etc.

20000 per month rent , 1200 per month electricity, 600 per month water, 3000 per month food, 3000 per month transport more if you buy a car .

Terrymedlicott's estimates are about right i.e. "in the ballpark". My wife who is Thai and owns property in BK agrees. Then there are leisure activity costs and medical insurance, etc, to consider.  dcb

Thank you...
What all areas you would suggest (in more or less 10 kms distance to sathorn)

Medical insurance, group life insurance, etc will be provided by the company.

To what I understand, 35 - 40k baht a month should be enough to live a decent life.

I have a place way over in Prawet so I don't know Sathorn that well. Assuming you will be working in Sathorn, and not traveling a lot, you will probably want quick access to work. I did stay in a condo across the river, which is a quieter area than downtown and easy access to get to downtown over one of the bridges. Maybe if you give a more focused area of where you will be working in Sathorn, one of the members who is more in the know can give you a more specific idea. I have a friend who knows that area quite well. If nobody chimes in anytime soon, I can ask her.  Maybe you can find one of those pleasant villa type places rather than a towering condo building. It is a treat to view Bk, especially the river, from a lofty abode; but, after a few weeks you might want something closer to the ground.  dcb

Thank you, for the information.
Yes, I really would love to stay around such places as the way you explained and it should have an easy access to market to fetch household chores.

The work location would be harindhorn building, North Sathorn.

Looks like your work place is a km or less from Skytrain and Subway station which provides easy access to other parts of the city.

Using Google maps zoom in on your place of work so you have a map scale of 100 meters.  Type condominium in search function and they will show on the map close to your work.  If you want further away from work look for places close to Skytrain and Subway station,

Below link will give you living cost.

Living on 35-40k is a bit low if you want to have a decent life but it can be done.  I think 50-60k baht would be a better number but everyone is different.

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