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Good Afternoon my name is Andy.My wife and I purchased a apartment in Viddalba about 9 years ago.We bought it off plan and after a few years it was finished and we furnished it.We have been over for holidays and we were going to retire thre.However recent political changes mean we want to come now.We intend to purchase a house and rent the apartment out..We love Sardinia and the decision was easy however all the organising is another thing.Anyone got ideas about health insurance,getting our four greyhounds and three cats over?...any recommendations?..Can we apply to be residents immediately and dual citizens?...Any help and advice would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi Andy,

I don't think you will need health insurance as you should be covered for a couple of years at least once you have a Permesso Soggiorno (Residency) and before that with the The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which replaced the old E111. Italian hospitals are very good, at least the ones I have been to in Cagliari.

Pets just need a EU pet passport I believe. see

I dont know about citizenship, I have been here for close to 15 years and have two kids here so I don't think I need to worry with regards to Brexit..



Good Afternoon Sam,
Thanks so much for replying.As I say we have had a apartment for a good few years now,but things are changing here for the worse.Apart from the Lake District weather which is at its worst people are changing.This is one of the reasons we have decided to come over permanently.The apartment is on two levels which isn't good for the Greyhounds..So we are looking for a house now..As a former recording artist (singer) I may get some work .Thanks again for your help I /we appreciate it.
Andy & Cheryl.

No Problem Andy, if you are interested my partner has just started a consultancy helping foreigners find property in Sardinia and working with a number of estate agents in the south. Visit her new (under construction) website at and if you visit the southeast PM me and we can all meet up for a drink.



Thanks Sam,when we get over I will contact you.

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