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Hello there!

My name is Caroline and I am with The Prosecution Film Company []  as a Producer. We're currently working on a TV commercial campaign for a local beer company. The script is centered around home coming and the joys of family reunions, especially during Chinese New Year. The whole campaign is about real people with real stories with the aim to remind Singaporeans to make reunions count.

We're on the lookout for Singaporeans based overseas for work and or studies or for some unique reason and we’d like to bring them home to be reunited with their families. They will be featured on camera talking about their memories of their friends/family back in Singapore and we would follow them around to see a glimpse of their life in this foreign country. We will then fly them home and capture the moments spent reconnecting with their loved ones. The filming period would be in Dec ’17 / Jan ’18.

I know that you most probably have alot of questions for me at this point. Should you be interested or like to find out more, please contact me at +65 90622104 or you can fb message me at or via email caroline[at] which ever is convenient. I can also chat on Skype at caroline.frances18

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you soon!

Hi Caroline, please don’t post your contact details in a public forum for your own safety and in line with Expat forum guidelines. I have requested admin to hide your contact details. You should have mentioned that if any one interested, please reach you using private message option. Good luck

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