Moving to Tanzania

Hi All,

My company is planning to set a branch for our company in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania. We recently opened one in Lusaka,Zambia and it is running marvelously.

I would like to meet Mauritians and other established businesses for their advice regarding the business environment and to discuss the potential for collaboration.

We are planning for the 2nd week of November. Would be glad to connect.


Omran Ahmad

Welcome to Dar es Salaam,will offer my driver services any time you are in dar.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your warm welcome and thank you for offering your services. Please send me your contact details. We shall get in touch with you ones I reach.

Kind regards,

Omran Ahmad

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What type of service are oriented to offer?

We deal in GPS Fleet Management and Fuel sensors

I hope it's a great deal n your are going to make it,if you are looking for some labourers either skilled or unskilled,working space or property,hit me up on whtsap thru**,will help to organise!

Feel free to share with us what do u want to do exactly, we might hel
thank you,

We deal in GPS Fleet Management and other related products and services. I am reaching Dar on the 10th.

Good idea, You will make more money, And those campanies charge a lot of money so we need more competation.

Thank you for the motivating words.

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