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Manpower Reality is a leading manpower and placement company for TV productions and it provides an extensive variety of manpower solutions for reality programs all around the world.

Among the positions for which Manpower Reality provides select manpower solutions are nonprofessionals such as extras, maintenance staff, caterers, porters, personal assistance and drivers, alongside professionals such as producers, cameramen and skilled stagehands.

For the next projects, we are in the process of recruiting people from the following nationalities: Montenegro, Georgia, Belarus, Serbia and Moldova.

This opportunity is suitable for both men and women who are interested in an extra job. The position can be performed as a part time job as well as opportunity to work with our company on similar projects all over the world.

Skills needed for the job:

Ability to speak, write and read both English and your nationality language
High motivation
Excellent communication skills
Good organization skills, reliability and multi-tasking.
Availability to travel around Europe and Asia

If you are interested, please send us your C.V. to the following e-mail: e.binetti[at]

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