looking for foreigner to meet up

it will be nice to have friends from another country and Im interested to know more about another culture :)

Halo, Laras9 Apa kabar?  I am Fidel from Bogota Colombia but I am working and living in Kabul Afghanistan, I love Indonesia culture and i want to meet some good friends too...


Before you start handing out personal details just be careful who you actually want to talk to and or meet as perhaps your idea of friendship may be different to the people you are reaching out to.

Hello Laras and welcome to Expat.com

Perhaps you'd like to tell the readers a little about yourself. Are you single, married, have kids? What are your hobbies?


Much as the OP made one post a year ago and hasn't visited the forum for 11 months, it's possibly worth repeating the general advice for ladies being contacted by men on internet sites.

Be extremely careful who you talk to as you have no idea who they really are. A poster could claim to be a government official but just turn out to be a pointless nutter, or suggest he's nice but turn out to be a sex pest or worse.
The advice is as always, never give out personal details and never arrange to meet unless you do so in a public place and have friends with you.

I'd also like to remind members that this isn't a dating website. Personally I have no issues with members arranging a get together as we did some months ago. However, if it becomes a dating site then certainly I would be less inclined to contribute here.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask Luke for a date.

Fred :

I would like to take this opportunity to ask Luke for a date.

Haha Fred, I always had my suspicions about you... :D

I don't remember arranging a get together or attending one.
As for meeting Fred I think thats a great idea, certainly someone i would like to meet from here. I have met a few from this forum and they have been and continue to be truly nice people.

Luke you weren't invited to the last one or the one before that. Mostly it's new expats and a few locals who join our meet ups where we can offer them advice and assistance on getting started in Indonesia. Tons of fun actually. Good idea for you and Fred to meet up or date as Fred puts it. He is a truly nice person I am sure.

I am in full support of members meeting up as I believe we can each offer others vital knowledge and expertise in living in in Indonesia. You see, many people come here ready to begin a new life but all the process and  paperwork for doing many things, not just immigration matters but also day to day things that you and I take for granted like choosing the best internet provider to applying for Indovision, well, they just don't know where to start, so having regular meetups and talking to them face to face and giving them friends in a strange country is really important.

On other expat websites, having meet ups is an important way or introducing a new country and the way it works to newbie expats, and although we don't see too much of that here on this site, we are actually doing it behind the scenes so to speak. Apart from expats, we also welcome locals who would like to meet some of those expats and who feel they can contribute.

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