Exiting a country before visa expires

Dear all,

Very recently i have started facing issues with no salary at work and that has been the case from last 3 months and i can't bare it no more as it has been deteriorating my health and i feel low how can a expat live his life with no money in hands for food and other stuffs in a foreign land sending money to home is a added headache when i have nothing to send.

Lets Cut to the chase,

I have decided to exit bahrain as i feel this is best for me and my family and never come back to a foreign land seeking for a new life. i have finished working 8 months here now  Just need expertise suggestions on MOBILITY to exit bahrain so that even my employer gets his money which he has spent on my visa gets back.  Or any other ways there to exit bahrain legally.

I kindly request other community fellow members to show me a way out.


sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation, but for mobility refund, you will have to be hired by another company first and then your previous employer will get a refund, i doubt there is a work around. I am sure if anyone else has more info they would surely reply back

good luck


Thanks bruh. will look forward for more suggestions.

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