Converting Driving license to Malaysian Driving license!

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I just wanted to know if someone already experienced converting there home country Driving license to Malaysian Driving License. in addition, is it even possible to directly convert without going through driving classes and tests. anyone input on this will be helpful for me Thanks!.

Usually no conversion is granted and just authenticated valid licence from home country permits driving. Check with your embassy for rules for Pakistan licences.

I took a look at the website for JPJ and it seems to have been updated because the List A and List B countries have been seemingly combined - … ng-license

However, nationals on the list shown reported this week that conversion was refused and attestation was required.

As usual, this area is unclear.

Hi, our application to convert our British licence to a Malaysian one was turned down. I believe we can use our British licence here instead.

The latest instructions used to be if you have the attestation from the DVLA (see their website about Malaysia for details of how to obtain it for UK licences) then UK licence was valid in Malaysia. The police will want to check that authentication against the licence when stopped. i.e. they want licences to be authentic and not fake.

But Embassy or JPJ can confirm.

Everyone goes round and round in circles with this one!! It's been like this for about 3 or 4 years. The only British people who seem to be able to convert to a Malaysian driving licence are those married to a Malaysian, as they have a Long Term Social Visit Pass.  The UK licence is returned and not cancelled or superseded.

Because of the immigration status of people on MM2H - they can also get a local licence as well. Agents who handle applications usually can advise and handle on-off licence applications against a fee.

So it seems that people on work permits and dependent passes are viewed as temporary residents and keep their own national licences.  By the way if you die while on one of these two visas the remains have to be expatriated to their home country and cannot be buried in Malaysia...... been there, done that....!! MM2H holders can be buried in Malaysia.

Rules, rules, rules.....

We have all our supporting documents from the
DVLA ,UK ; Attested forms stamped by a notary too.  I'm hoping we won't have any problems here.


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Nadya - this thread is about driving licences.

Are you sure you want to drive here!? Unfortunately it is possible for anyone to exchange their home licence to a local one.  Just walk in and change.   Hopefully this only applies to countries where there are strict tests before people earn a licence and not all countries where one can just buy a licence, get your friend to get you a licence or you just need to show you can drive on an empty car park as there are enough awfull drivers here already!  I bought a brand new Range Rover to ship here, to "tropical spec" with air conditioned seats, special roof lining and sun-dim glass etc. but after three of my friends had their cars bashed in the month before delivery I decided to leave it in Europe and just use Grab Car, even if going across country, it's less worrying!!!

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