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My wife and I will move to the EU next year. We have traveled Southern Europe fairly extensively and considering Valencia  Spain and/or Menton France to start our lives there.  Recently, we have read a lot of great information about Lisbon and Porto.  We’ll be in Madrid soon ... considering a short trip to Lisbon via air to begin checking out everything.  Any suggestions about this idea are greatly appreciated. We have started research related to visas issued to expats in Portugal finding the process on paper seems rather straight forward. We will not work in Portugal. Again, any feedback is appreciated.  Thanks in advance for any replies. We look forward to communicating with you.  Best!

it all depends on what you intend to do and on your expectation.
In addition to the usual main city areas, I also suggest the quieter areas along the beach, Setubal and Comporta and further south to the area around the Algarve.

Thank you!

Hi, I would suggest you fly down to Faro, rent a car and check out the Algarve. This is where we are moving.

Thank you for your reply.

I was living in Lisbon for 6 months it is a great city. If you are going to pick a city in Portugal you are going to pick Lisbon. There is no need for a car there the metro and trains are great. If you do need a car for a weekend get away just rent one. Having a car in Lisbon is a pain to find parking. Lisbon is international, People from all over the world there. As far as food it is good and cheap. rents have been going up.
  I know lots will say go live in south Portugal on the beach. I lived in Florida by the beach for 20 years it gets old. There is no beach in Europe that even comes close to the beaches in FL.
  It is all up to what you like. I like Lisbon a lot always something to do vs just walking on the beach.
Porto is nice, I like it too but I would not live there. It is new to the tourist so they are building like crazy maybe in 4 or 5 years. When the construction is done, it be a quiet place again. Best of luck.

Thank you for your feedback and experiences.

" There is no beach in Europe that even comes close to the beaches in FL. "
LOL!!!! IMO, there are lots of beaches in Europe that compare to FL minus the hurricanes!
And, you can live in Algarve without living right on the beach.

Tevisbuckles Really name one beach in Europe that compares to Florida beach?? Every year they have the top 10 or 20 best beaches in the world and Florida get on the list and some times more then once. I have never see any beach in Europe on the list. If you're talking about surfing then yes Portugal is on the top 20 countries to go surfing.
  As far as hurricanes 2004 last time Fl got hit before. Before Irma I don't remember anyone dying. No matter where you live there is always something. You can't avoid life. Is Spain and Portugal still on fire? The earthquakes of Italy and the list goes on.

Looks like I hit a sensitive spot LOL. I have been to Florida and I would never live there.  Each person their own but I don't claim to live in the BEST city and to have lived by THE BEST BEACHES, there is no such thing as the BEST anything,  IMO.

Yes the Word Best is Subjective. For me being an expat that makes his living online, going and finding the best Based on someone else opinion is fun.  The trick is make sure you have been to one or two on the list and agree with those. I am heading to Brasil next. But I like it hot.
  Yes the hurricane comment hit a nerve because people died. Americans make jokes about almost everything including themselves but when people die we stop joking.
  All good11 :) Thanks

Yeah, most people stop joking when people die and that is what compassion is about, except for orange head that never stops tweeting.....


Yes , I thing You can come here if you like the beach ! because the Weather it's better in Algarve,

if you need something else, call me ! +***


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