i am looking for a gym in jeddah in rawdah area

i am looking for a gym in jeddah in rawdah area (near sari street and kayal street ) for female anyone know?

The best around this area  is called 22athletes really great, my friend there.
It’s between Sari and Kayal street on Amir Sultan road, almurjana building.

Also there’s another one in Tahlia st. In the end of the road before Malik road (king abdulaziz road), it’s called 55studio have a nice and awesome classes and trainers, and one of them my friend.

Any more details contact me anytime.

Thank u  :)

Ultimate power gym , i think is the best in this area.

Thank u its available for ladies?

Ultimate power only male

22 is a good option, ome of the best boxes specialised on crossfit, i used to be a member there

Gold's Gym - Batterji
Curves for women
Chameleon gym - Arafat st
and one Saudi gal runs MMA gym forgot her name....it's been discussed on the boards  a few times....

there's a female gym in tujjar arabia in tahlia street, try to visit it's a nice place and ambiance there.

Same here. Looking for a good gym. Male

This thread is for Female's Gym.  If you are also looking for a male Gym Please make a new Topic with other details which area and which type of gym you are looking for.

My bad here. Ok.

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