Vegan business partner wanted

Halo, everyone
i went vegan since last year September 2016, my life journey living in many places around the world early since child is one of the eye openers for going vegan.

i'm living in my birth town here in West Java not far from Krakatau (Krakatoa) the last 3 years, before that lived in my other hometown Jakarta for around 2 years then before that 3 years in Bali and before Bali in The Netherlands for 8 years and so on.. yes i'm multiracial, multilingual (incl. fluent in Dutch), single, etc.. LOL

Anyone has same vision to make change for the better world would like to jump into the boat?

i have this project i've been working on since last year "Vegan Homestay with rooftop Vegan Cafe and Swimming pool"
it's strategically located and prosperous

please shout out

If you're planning this in Anyer or anywhere in that area you're going to have to think very carefully.
Veganism is less than popular in Indonesia and most visitors to that stretch of coast are locals.

that's why this is the breakthrough ;)
i've written a presentation about strategy, the concept, etc.. even i have the building already
and yet it's not in Anyer :)

i was born not to follow the crowd :)
have a look at my facebook : ***

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Anyer would have been a disaster.
There is a hole in the market tourist market in that area that could offer a business opportunity but that doesn't include vegan or veggie restaurants. present condition 9 by Rizki Ferdian, on Flickr

Anyer isn't interesting in my opinion

Links to private sites aren't allowed on this forum as they have been the cause of so much trouble for posers over the years.
I did take a peek and you're right, your point of view is way outside the box, as is mine but in different directions.
Mine was more not giving a rats about much except my large motorbike, leathers and going at dangerous speeds.

In this case you're mixing your own ideals with capitalist realities - will they mix?

As for your comments about iphones, this sheep isn't a sheep so I wouldn't buy one of those lumps of junk to save my life.
I have an apple, I have a bin .. oooh

But, dude, serious point - I hope the cat as just playing, not being forced to go vegan - that would be animal cruelty.

rizferd :

Anyer isn't interesting in my opinion

The Aston is rather nice - I find it relaxing and the breakfasts are good.
For your intentions, the area is a waste of time.

oh.. well

so mainstream narrow-minded. going vegan isn't only about animal cruelty. strongly about spirituality. fanciness and stuff are made by and for poor nature parts of the world mostly western world.
is also about restoration what has been damaged by human. anyer in my childhood was far better. aston anyer is okay.

as real royalty i am not going to discuss on this forum anymore just like many other expat forums filled with narrowminded people. thank you and good bye.

Making a cat go vegan would be cruel as they just aren't built for that sort of food.
Open minded is fine but there has to be limits, many set by nature rather than human invention or social norms.
If disagreeing with being cruel to an animal is narrow minded, I'm cool with my establishmentarianism.

rizferd :

as real royalty .

Oops, there goes free thinking and, as a note of interest, your FB post about sheep and Apple products as I see you were selling an ipad3 on another forum.

Ho hum.

Hi just read your blog... We are based in uk and are thinking about starting a vegan face cream in uk....have you any ideas how your business will help each other? Also my niece is based in Indonesia Jakarta/Bandung and she has just made her own vegan eye pallett... Regards

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