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My mother, a Pakistani Passport holder is in Saudi Arabia on 1 year multiple entry visa of Saudi Arabia. As per law ,she has to exit Saudi after every 90 days. Can I take her to Saudi - Bahrain Causeway and re -enter Saudi Arabia without entering Bahrain to fulfill this requirement. If not, can I get Bahrain visit visa from the border with Pakistani Passport and multiple Entry Saudi visit visa ?

Yes u can

Salam!! My question is that my mother-in-law is having a 2 years multiple exit re-entry visit visa. She has already completed 180days, now she has to go out of the kingdom and come back!!! Please guide me that will it be possible for her to get exit re-entry stamp on her passport, if she goes to the causeway and return back to saudi arabia??? Or she will have to go to the home country??

Did you go to the causeway for exit reentry??? Please do tell.

In my case it was 90 days so got that extended for another 90 days through the system without going to the border. But as per information gathered during whole this time you have to exit for once after 180 days through any border and enter again.At saudi- Bahrian causeway,  I saw a gate right after getting an exit stamp from Saudi border and you may take U turn without entering Bahrian and enter Saudi again. Make sure you keep your vehicle on the extreme left lane to take that u turn. Incase they dont allow you to exit without having Bahrain visa you can tell them that you just have to exit and enter again. Either way you will be in safe land. In worst scnerio you will have to come back and buy a ticket for UAE or Pakistan for this whole activity.

Driver must have single or multiple exit re entry as your mother already has a multiple entry visa.

Hello belalsheikh, Please can you tell me more how you manage to do it online without exiting at 90 days period. Is there any option in abshir. As I understand that for multiple visit visa , they should leave every 90 days?

i doubt if your mother can get an entry visa on arrival in Bahrain, as she dont have a resident visa in KSA.


We have taken a U turn after Saudi exit and entered saudi. While exit and entering they did not stamp anything on passport. Was my exit and entry legal or else should I need to exit again. Please explain in detail abt this process.

I am worried about not stamping anything on passport

If you took the u turn after crossing the second window, ( first window is for vehicle, second is for passport exit and so on)even if they did not stamp most likely they have done that in the system. Sometimes they dont stamp , just make an entry in the system. Better should login your absher account and check your status.

Exit/entry on the causeway from Saudi side isn’t stamped on the passport. It’s “always” stamped on a printed piece of paper and exit/entry is updated in the system.

To double ensure it, check your status on Absher, it will show exit/entry from Saudi !!

Hi Belal,

Thanks for the info... Since mine is commercial visa of 180 days. I am not able to check the status of visa. Can u please provide the link or site name for checking the same.

Assalam alaikum ,,,

Do you have any latest story that someone have renewed the multiple visit visa in the month of April / May 2018 through causeway (U turn) in Dammam. I have the same case and desperately waiting to renew it.

Refer to page number 2 of this thread on the Bahrain forum: … 22&p=2

Apparently, they are refusing exit from Saudi without a Bahrain visa.  That's the experience of most people from sub-continent during April.  Only one person from Philippines managed to get it done.

Also you already posted in that thread and got your answer.   This thread is not very active so I doubt if you will get any different answer here.

Call me *** i will tell you the story.

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even i got visa for wife on cause way but with great difficulty as the officer their initially denied giving me the visa for my wife. but i somehow convinced them and then they agreed 'the Supervisor' gave me the visa (7 days 120 SAR) after long waiting around 2 hours as i went their through bus. i had to leave the saptco bus and  then went to Bahrain with the next bus which came after 2 hours.

I also asked them if i can come again as my wife has to exit next month also and he said this is the first and last time we are giving you the visa.

My profession on Iqama was of Engineer and i guess he (Supervisor) only considered when he asked and saw my iqama profession.

My wife has a 6 months multiple visa and she has to exit saudi every month. if you exit your dependent every month its obvious that you have to keep a backup of atleast 3 to 4 days and in this way next exit will reduce by 3 to 4 days.

For eg.
I had to exit my wife by 3rd may (30 days) but keeping a backup of 4 days i exit her on 29 may and then again when i went to bahrain on 22nd june 2018 and came back on 23rd june; the new date of expiry became 23rd July. with this i lost around 10 days.

I have one question here, if any one can answer to it.
Is the option still open for exit re-entry through causeway without entering Bahrain?
If any one has done this, please let me know how? and from where i can get this service?
the Taxis at causeway do this or not?

Syedmadani :

I have one question here, if any one can answer to it.
Is the option still open for exit re-entry through causeway without entering Bahrain?
If any one has done this, please let me know how? and from where i can get this service?
the Taxis at causeway do this or not?

As far as people have said on these forums; the options is not open for people on visit visas.  Most people have been turned back.


could you please share me your mobile number to talk.

I am not a pro. But post here and if I can help, I will.

my wife had a multiple visit visa and she wants to go Bahrain through the cause way
Is this possible to go Bahrain with visit visa?
where we need to get Bahrain visit visa and how much they charged?

--- my friend said to me  visit visa holder can't go to Bahrain through causeway is this correct?

Check and yes, these visas are not valid for travel via causeway, only airports.

My family having 1 yr mutlipe entry visit visa. Have extend through Abaher for the first 90days. Now exit to india 180 days. I can reuse to enter again saudia na. Can any help me to clarify this, bcos i extend visa after 90 days it automatically become single entry and cant use the visa to enter again is the update I got. Plz support on this..

Brother any latest information on this do you have.

Can one visit Bahrain for Multiple Entry Visit Visa Renewal for families via Causeway.

Please reply.

Saudi immigration doesn't let you exit without Bahrain visa. Some people have had success after talking to them - but it is a risk and is entirely up to the officer at the counter.

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