Overstaying: Future Applications Affected?

Hi everyone,

Some background. I graduated from SMU this year, with a BBM degree. I am a recipient of the MOM Tuition Grant Holder. I overstayed on my student pass by 9 days, paid the fine, etc. I am currently on STVP, looking for jobs. I have applied for an LTVP under the Institute of Higher Learning Scheme.

Will my overstaying offense (first time) affect future applications for passes? (Eg LTVP, E-Pass)

Thank you!

As Long as you have paid the fine and cleared the case, shouldn’t be an issue in future. Believe the case has been settled n closed. Good luck

Thank you!  :)

What Surya said does NOT mean the case disappeared from your records (which MoM can see in case of work pass application): It will still be there, but marked as closed.
Do not do it again, as repeat offenders are not let off that lightly!

I see. It doesn't count as "adverse record" right?

You could try to contact MoM and/or ICA and ask if there are any adverse records against you. Sometimes they do tell.

Will do so! In the event there is, what can I do to remove this? I do have the bond to fulfill...:(

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