Obtain Resident permit

How do you obtain resident permit?

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Hello my name is Abdiel im African American from U.S and looking to settle in Tanzania any info on resident permit or citizenship would be great. Thanks

Hey Abdiel,

Obtaining a resident permit is a big process here. There is no resident permit here if you just want to live or settle in Tanzania. If you were a female citizen of a different country and if you marry a Tanzanian guy you could live here as a dependent. And in time you can apply for your citizenship.

On the other side, if you are a male citizen of another country and if you marry a Tanzanian female you will not get a dependent pass these days.

If you are an investor you can get an "A-Class" permit which will come around $4100 - including labor fee + immigration fee ($50 for your each dependents) + facilitation fee of say another $500, for 2 years. You can live and work for 2 years and renew it every 2 years.

If you want to work under a company, the company should initiate your "B-Class" permit which is around $3100 - including labor fee + immigration fee ($50 each for your dependents) + facilitation fee for 2 yrs. you can live and work for 2 years.

If you are a student, pastor, NGO, you can apply for a "C-class" which are $500 something i think.

These are the only way by which you can live in Tanzania, as far as I know.

Your too general, You can follow the link

http://www.immigration.go.tz/index.php/ … ce-permits

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Hi Nevingomes,

Thanks for explaining the different options for residence permits in Tanzania. Is it possible to get a C-visa if you are retired and want to settle in Tanzania for retirement (not working or employment). We have worked more than 11 years in Tanzania, but are now working in Sweden. We are Swedish citizens. However we would like to spend part of our retirement in Tanzania. Grateful for an answer if possible.
Greetings Harriet

Hello Harriet,

The best solution to know more on this is to approach an immigration office in your region and talk to them. Get his views and tips. Just let them know that you are retired and do not mention about working in Sweden. If you are working then you are not retired

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Thanks, we will not move to Tanzania before we retire from our jobs here in Sweden, probably after approx. 3 years. We will not need employment in Tanzania because we have a good pension from Sweden, which means regular income. All we want is a resident C visa.

I think it can be worked out. in 3 yrs priorities might change. so see you in 3 yrs and when you decide.

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