Moving to Namibia

Dear Zenani,

I felt you were the go to person on this subject, from your previous answers to other similar questions :D Otherwise anyone else who feel they may be able to help are more than welcome to answer.

My husband has just received his Namibian passport. He is a South African, but his father is a Namibian. What I would like to know is, does my husband having a Namibian passport allow my daughter and I to go live there as well without any hassles?

What would be the necessary process to make it legal for her and I? She is  8 yrs old and naturally we would want her to attend school there. Also i would like to get work there as well. Can I do this process in Namibia or are there things I need to do here in South Africa?

I look forward to your reply :)

Kind regards,

Hi Jolene. Have you received any information regarding this?

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