Converting old VHS and Betamax video tapes

I wish to have my old personal VHS tapes and Betamax tapes need to transfer then onto DVD or Hard Drive.
Please let me know who can do this job and how much it will cost and how many days it will take.
I need some very reliable person as these are our family personal video tapes

Hi .. Can do that.. how many tapes you have. ?

Hi.. i can do that.. How many tapes you have.. How much VHS and How may Betamax video tapes

Hi Jawad, you convert  betamax pal video into dvd or digital?

Hi Nabillo, did you solve the problem of your old betamx videos? if yes, how? Because I have the same problem and I live in Riyadh, thanx..

Old thread but seems there's interest.
The answer is easy, but not quick.

You need a USB AV converter, and a lot of free time

Plug your VCR into the converter just as you would do with your TV, then set your computer recording and play the tapes.
It takes a long time but it's something you can leave running while you do other things.
The record quality is as on the tape, no better or worse.

Thank you Fred for the reply but I don’t have VCR now, therefore I need a technician place or store where I can take my Betamax video tapes to..

Betamax was sold in Saudi so you might drop lucky.

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