Thinking about living in Istanbul for a while

The Turkish culture is a fascinating culture with a long and rich history. So,  I have been thinking about renting a place in one of the old historical parts in Istanbul to reflect on  changes in my own life and continue to learn the beautiful Turkish language, which i have been practicing for a while now. Any ideas on getting the most affordable but at the same time beautiful places in Istanbul would be of great help.


The most historical places is called "suriçi" which refers to ancient area inside the city walls. If I were you, I would find and affordable place outside of it because the flats there are too shabby.

There are subways metros and trams beneath Istanbul so it doesnt matter where you pick. I would recommend to rent in a complex where you pay a little extra yet it has a security guard that checks who is going in;)

Thank you 'info about Turkey' I value your advice. I have never been to Turkey, but definitely, it is on the top of my list of places to visit in the world.

You should fine safe and warm places in Anatolian side especially in Kadıköy.

I was thinking starting with Istanbul and moving about in country from there.

:)  kadıköy is in İstanbul, the city has two sides in both continents, asian side is also called anatolian side

an old civilisation. all the more reason to visit and experience

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Thank you Eniz, i will definitely contact you once i am ready to travel to Istanbul.

you can stay at harbiye pangaltı its close to metro and close to taksim

Hey I've been thinking about moving to Istanbul too for a short-term period for a lot of the same reasons you mentioned - finding myself, exploration, learning more Turkish and just experiencing something new and refreshing.

I looked on Airbnb and I found some great deals on apartments/homes in Istanbul. I am looking to stay in more local, trendy and upcoming residential areas - away from the tourist - so I can truly experience life there.

I'm from Washington DC. Where are you from? When do you plan on moving?

I was thinking about going over early December and staying for 3 or 4 months.

Let me know what your plans are. I don't know anyone there, so it would be great to explore with someone else who is new.


Hey there, i read what u wrote, i moved to istanbul recently with my brother and we are adapting and descovering almost everywhere! We have also been to princess islands , it was a great experience ^^ we are currently living in istanbul in a flat and we have an extra room so if ur interested in being out flat mate we would be glad!

Hey there! Thank you so much for your message and letting me know about your available room. So nice of you. Even if I don't take the room and end up somewhere else, I would love to meet you up in Istanbul. Where are you guys from? Are you visiting or have you moved permanently? I'm definitely not moving permanently, as my work is in Washington DC; but I'd like to have a 2nd home or base there.

Let me know what your experience has been so far. Do you speak Turkish? How long have you been there so far?

Very excited to meet people who have shifted there!!! I hope to meet you in person and make more friends once I get there.

Keep in touch and thanks again for reaching out!

Hey Mayena 😀 Your research description just suits my flat. Away from tourists and more local people around. The surrounding is good and you can reach anything you need. The photos of my flat is in my profile. You can have a look. If you prefer to stay  you will definitely be satisfied here.

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