Parcel on Hold

Hi can anyone help me. My parcel is on hold at the Saudi Post Al Batha. And they told me that my item is not allowed. Anyone can help me or give me any solution ?

Thank you in advance

I faced similar situation sometime ago. I am running a cricket team here for 11 years. Every year, I used to bring the sporting gears for the team from overseas. Last year, the package came on hold in the same Batha office. I was expecting that they might apply some duty for which I was ready. But they said that they can't release as it's not allowed. It was told that as this was a new law and I was unaware of this, the best they can do is to return it from where it came. And I was told from now on, buy from local market.

I told them my scenario but they didn't bought it and the good were returned and were received by the sender around after 10 days.

After that I am so confused about the law that I am not importing even my personal items.

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