search job for bangkok Thailand

My name Akber Ahmed i want job to bangkok, bangkok is a good place of work. you help me how i get work permit visa.
i provide you my needed documents.

Does not work that way.

Your profile states you work in Hilton hotels so why not contact Hilton hotels in Thailand and see if they have work for you.
If so they will arrange visa etc for you.

You might need to be a bit more specific on your job search. Specify the area of your interest and your qualifications.

Hello,  Sir/Madam
                  I read your email you are right but Hilton Hotel in pattaya.
                  i intrested to work in Bangkok. hotel job not important you give
                 job for any compney. i want a job job and handsum salery.
                 you have any number for line, wattsap easy for contact with you .

Akber Ahmed

You can't write to a general forum and actually think you can find automatic employment in Thailand.
    Everyone else gets a resume, a recommendation (or several) and then they try to find employment ON THEIR OWN MERIT.  Your English is very poor and you can't speak Thai. And everyone should be impressed...with what?  You want us to go out and find a job for YOU?

Simply arrogant!

look for a job on perhaps you will find one there.

I seriously think, that all you responders to akberhmd, have made an effort in total futility. That bloke is typically "out-to-lunch", as usual. :cool:

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