PNU in Riyadh (with ICEAT) update ?

Hi everybody

Thinking of going to work at PNU as an ESL teacher; I am in contact with ICEAT.

I read the posts, and do realize that they are mostly negative but some are "old" and I would like some
updates from people working there NOW.
I worked and lived in Riyadh before (in another capacity) and am "familiar" with the Saudi culture.

What I am interested in are:
- the working conditions
- the housing conditions
- the time "off", paid and not paid, when we are able to leave Saudi as I have old parents and would like to visit them as often as possible (I don't mind paying for the plane tickets)
- the pay (but not my first consideration)

I have LINE so if you have it and would like to chat about the above ...

Choukran djazeelan for any help!

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