How to get married

Salaam malaykum .......
Can I ask some questions?
I'm Filipina but I'm working here in Saudi tabuk city I'm Islam since 2014.....
I have a bf Pakistan he also he also working  in Jeddah  ........ he wants to marry me here in Saudi.....
It is possible happened and how??

Thank u....

Hello Angel LAJOT

Just to clarify

You are a Filipina citizen now working in Tabuk City, Saudi Arabia
You converted to the Islamic faith is 2014
Your boyfriend is a Pakistani citizen working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Assume your boyfriend is also of Islamic faith
You want to marry in Saudi Arabia, Is this correct?
Is the plan to move back to Pakistan with your husband?
Perhaps you will see something relevant  here on this forum, but I think you might find more pertinent information in  Hejazi Arabic language.
Good luck

The best answer would be to go check the procedure on him marrying you in Saudi Arabia with your Embassy.  Saudi Arabia as you know have laws, quite a number of them for almost everything and the best people to know this, will be your embassy. So contact them.

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