Suzhou 1 bedroom rent?

Hey guys,

I have a job in Soochow Univ, Suzhou with 3 years contract.  salary - 2000k/year+12k house rent allowance/year. Is it enough to live good life in SIP area? I have to arrange housing myself. Any idea how much is monthly rent for 1 bedroom? I am fine with flat sharing, but not room. I strictly don't wanna stay with a landlord. Moreover, there should be no restriction for guests to visit.

Any suggestions?


Check through the housing section at the top of this page for rent costs.

Thanks, they are quite expensive. :)

Isn't this salary a bit exaggerated? With such a salary you can live like a millionaire!

I'm sorry. Its 200k/year. Could you give me some insight if this amount enough? Thanks

Yeah, people told me 3-4k/month is enough for a very decent place. Personally I live at dorm because it's much more convenient for single person. If my family come I'll rent using these prices as reference.

Thanks a lot.

How much is per month rent for a dorm in SIP area? Is it shared room or single room? It will be great if you could share your experience. For example, 1. how much security deposited​ for a single room? 2. Any restriction for inviting guests? 3. Staying with land lord or independent housing? 

Thanks again.

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