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Hi all,
I am a romanian married with a turkish citizen and we both are currently working in India. We plan to make a trip to Romania for Christmas and an invitation for him is required. I live abroad for many years and I dont know how to proceed. Some years ago, while we were working in Morocco and we weren't married yet, we had the same issue when wanting to travel to Romania and all the info was vague, he finally end up taking the schengen visa, for it was much easier. But now, as we have time just to visit Romania, he will not apply again for schengen, because not entering the country that issued the visa can cause problems for the next one. So I am wondering, why does he need an invitation for a tourist visa, while married to a romanian citizen? And how can I make this invitation for him when I live abroad aswell? Also I read on the imigration site that it can take 60 days to process the invitation, also the visa application is recommended to be done 2 moth before, so we are practically out of time. This is really confusing, only to be able to visit my home country with my husband, I should plan my trip 1 year before? What if something happens and I would have to get there urgently, he will not be able to accompany me? I find this absurd. Sorry for this long post, If somebody has any suggestion, please let me know

Well if you are visiting for Christmas, presumably you are visiting family here?  If this is so, then perhaps a trusted relative here in Romania could make the invitation, if they are willing.

Actually he doesn't need a invitation for a tourist visa, but rather a visit visa, which is what I think you meant ;) I understand the frustration, but this is the Romanian immigration law.  Being married to a Romanian citizen doesn't excuse one from obtaining a visa to enter, depending on the citizenship of the spouse.  Unfortunately, you'll have to plan in advance a few months in order for him to come in Romania.

Note that the law says they have 60 days, it may not take that long.  It could go faster...

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Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Unfortunately they do ask the invitation letter for tourist visa, not for all countries but for turkish citizens they do. I would not prefer to involve my family as it is already frustrating enough for us. Also I know how the romanian bureaucracy can be...
Our jobs don't allow us to plan the vacantion in advance, but I think we'll do as we did the last years. Apply for Schengen tourist visa.
But I find it a little ridiculous to have difficulties in obtaining a romanian visa but not a Schengen one

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