Struggling with the information we received from the immigration dept.

Hi there to any one who has any time to chat to me! My Partner and I are considering moving from NZ to Vanuatu to live and work. What we are struggling with is the information we have been sent from the immigration department we cant make head or tails of it!

They have sent us an applicator for a residency visa BUT we cant seem to see how it relates to us as it goes on about being married to a Vanuatuan or having money already on a bank account in Vanuatu?

Simply what we would love someone to tell us is how do we apply? Can  we apply to live there before we get work or do we need to have a job to go to before we apply?

Would love hear from anyone who can help please.

Thank you

I may be able to help out and answer many of your questions. Please email me at ***

Have a great day.


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Hi Randy

Thank you for repling. Unfortunately your email address did not show. Could you please try sending it again.
Thank you

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