Time taken for issuance of permanent residency card in Belgium

Dear Expat Forum,
I would like to know from your experience the time taken by the immigration office to approve permanent residency in Belgium (1-2 months)? I will be completing my 5 years of stay in Belgium end of October. My 6th work permit is already issued and they automatically renewed my temporary ID card valid till November 2018. As my employer renewed my work permit in September it was too early to apply for permanent residency. I was asked by the commune to wait till October to apply for permanent residence ID. As I give my documents next week I am wondering if there will be any delay for issuance of permanent residency card as I already have a temporary residency card now valid till November 2018?

Thank you for your help.

Once you lodge the application (whenever commune is ready to accept the application and send it to ministry), it may take upto 3 months for the ministry to process it and approve. You holding a temporary ID must not impact this processing.

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