Finding which bank is good out here in Muscat

Hey guys!
How's everyone .
I am here to ask which bank is good here in Muscat . I mean in terms of online banking all that stuff.
I have been to Oman Arab bank here. But I found  it strange when these guys doesn't have an app in the play store for internet banking.   Am aware about the fact that bank Muscat does has the app which also actually works. So I am just curious to know if it will be good for me to go with Oman Arab bank or bank Muscat.
As we all know we are just pretty much used to using everything on the go. I don't know about the Oman but I am talking about India. No offense.
Even a piece of advice is more than welcome on this.
Thank you everyone out here.
Hope you guys have a good time. :)
In case I don't get back here you can guys shoot me a line on 9138 5520 .
Thanks once again lovely people.

Bank Muscat. Since that's the only bank I believe which has an online APP (Even though that too is somehow compromising). In general, Bank Muscat is better in services as well!

That's good to know info.. Thanks for that bud!!@schaz

Bank Muscat has got a really good app. Checkout NBO too, they ve got a really good app too.

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