Business Ideas for Santa Marta from Expats/Locals

Hi all,

As previously posted, the wife and I are seriously considering a move to the Santa Marta area.  I will be working online but I would also be interested in opening a business. 

I don't have an idea of what type business to open so I would like to ask the Expats that are already in the area a couple of questions:

-  What services or goods that you were accustomed to back home do you wish they had in you area?  Some examples I have heard in other areas are expats saying silly things like they wished they could get Miracle Whip or Hellman's Mayonnaise, good ole American BBQ,  E-cigarette Vape Oil, Gift Wrapping, Massages, motorcycle parts, Home Security Systems, Computer Repair, WiFi Extenders, etc.

I am open to almost anything and just want to make a good business decision.  I look forward to any input from expats or locals.


Alex and Hanh

Hi guys.

As Colombian I could say that everything depends on the experience you have with those services or products you will be offering.
For example, if you got some knowledge and enough skills with electronics, computers and systems solutions, opening a technology store would not be a bad idea.
However, as Computer Engineer I feel like it will take some time (months) until you could eventually get some kind of stability with customers and other competitors, and perhaps at the beginning the investment would be a bit important.

My personal top 3 for business ideas near the Caribbean Sea.

1. Education Services
2. Tech Store
3. Hostel

I hope this helps.


Jonathan L.

Thanks Jonathan.  GREAT ideas.


Hi there, I am moving to Colombia soon. Im an IT expert for software development. How is Colombia considering schools for iOS/Android developers?


I have a little experience with developers/engineers - generally, they come from the universities though you can find low-level training though Polytech-type institutions (SENA for example).
You'd be pushing shit uphill to create a niche for yourself in that field, though not out of the question.
I would suggest providing online training, as a more viable option. Then there's the language situation i.e. lack of English - that's where I come in (as an online English coach specialising in IT professionals) - let's get together!

A man of action. Sounds good, Ill dm u.

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