Self Defense upon being attacked

Hi guys and girls...

This week i was driving and a guy jail walking nearly got into the path of my car in the middle of a private road, there was no cross walk and the guy must have been oblivious of what he was doing, forcing me to hit my brakes into a stop when i had my 4.5 year old daughter in my back seat on my way to a doctor's appointment has she had broken her arm few days before.

I lowered my window and asked the guy what the hell he was doing... and he starts getting aggressive and tried to grab me while im sitting in the car, i managed to get out, and we argue, i warned him that if my daughter wouldn't be there i would do things differently, told him to get on his way and as im turning to go into my car, he push kicks my car door and starts "attempts" to run away. This is a guy who is at least 1.85m height and me being 1.75m... there's a considerable height difference.

As he turns and tries to run away i grabbed him and he turns immediatelly towards me and tried to swing at me, as my natural reaction i dodged it and hit him right in his face breaking his nose in one shot and he lands on the floor, i threw a couple more hits and got up, there was a lot of blood on the floor. I was unhurt but he ended up with a broken and crooked nose and covered in blood.

Ambulance had to pick him up, police took details and i told my story and a guy who is a director of a company in the vicinity gave me his contact card in case a witness would be needed, there was also a cctv camera which might have some images. he Police after a while told me i was free to go and they would probably investigate and contact me if anything is needed.

Now my questions, were my actions considered lawfully in legitimate self defense? i believe so but i don't know how it works over here in Poland.

It works in a similar way as in other EU countries. So if this was the story then you shouldn't worry. However, if the other gyu who was the attacker decides to sue you, he can, but he'll have to prove his version. And if there is a witness and a recording then I wouldn't worry about it much. Best to do is to go and find the owner of the CCTV camera and ask for the recoding of the whole thing. Keep in mind the sooner the better  because the disks don't hold much of the recording and they record in loop usually. So to get the record you must hurry. Once you have that and it shows that you were the victim, you can be fine.


You're asking a question that's clearly best addressed by a locally licensed attorney, not an internet forum.

Personally I'm not sure it's entirely self-defense when it could be seen that it was your road rage that instigated the incident.  Couldn't this all had been avoided if you simply used your horn and simply given a glare towards him, then been on your way?  You might want to control yourself more in front of your daughter, it's not a good example to set and I'm sure the ordeal didn't sit well with her.

Atitudejim, sorry you had this altercation but I'm with Romaniac on this one. Sounds like you're begging for trouble.

I hope your daughter recovers from her broken arm.

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