life in Agadir

I am english living in france.  I have been to Agadir a couple of times, loved it but don't know much about the real way of living there. 
I would like to know what the way of life is actually like there for an expat?  I have done research on this subject but only really get the positive side... would like to know what the draw backs are if any...
How difficult would it be for example to be in a relationship with a moroccan guy....  what would the restrictions be, how would it be viewed by others or the 'establishment' ?

Hi there
Well, I live in Marrakech but would love to tell u everything i know about Agadir since it's similar to any moroccan city when it comes to the way of living
If u're interested please DM me or we can talk in whatsapp

Thanks for the reply ... maybe whatsapp is easier .... give me your number and I'll send a request if you like.

how did the search go and how was Agadir?

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