Puerto Rico needs your help!

My family lives in Palmas Del Mar, I am an insurance agent and risk manager,  and I have helped a lot of people through tragedies, fires, tornados, hurricanes and more and I am serious when I say, I have never seen this kind of devastation.
The electric generation system is destroyed (95%) the electric delivery system (80%) destroyed. Generators run on diesel and we cant keep them running because diesel is so short. The media depicts our workers as lazy, when they are anything but, they cant get gas to get to work because the lines are so long. Internet will be a long while resuming because the fiber lines beneath the sea have been destroyed. Aid is coming in and the 5000 military that are there are getting it out but there are only 5K of them, Harvey warranted 50K military aid workers.

WHAT CAN WE DO FROM THE MAINLAND? Donate, sponsor a family, TWEET the administration to LIFT THE JONES ACT for more than 10 days.

I have been asked a lot lately about where to donate for Puerto Rico recovery here are a few options: There are 2 that I know are giving 100% to the community:: Palmas Community Church is in our community that took the eye of the storm, the need is tremendous in the communities of Humacao, Buena Vista and Candalaro. Their info is::
If you would like to send a check now please send to ( it will be hand carried back to Palmas):
Palmas Community Church c/o
ASQ Consulting Group, LLC
720 Rusk Street, Suite 425
Houston, TX 77002

Once mail service resumes, please send to:
Palmas Community Church
295 Palmas Inn Way
Suite 104, PMB 347
Humacao, PR 00791

Wiring Instructions:
Banco Popular Routing # 021502011
Account Name: Palmas Community Church
Account #: 305006560
Note: Hurricane Relief Fund

The other fund is arranged by the First Lady of Puerto Rico, it's being recommended by people in our community that I trust:  http://unidosporpuertorico.com/

If you are fed-exing items, send things like solar charges, batteries, lanterns, drybags etc. These things are impossible to get.

If you love this island and the Puerto Ricans as we do, help!


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