S Pass rejected - Stressed

My S pass applied by my new employer got rejected today morning. I am totally stressed out as I thought I can use it as an opportunity to return back to Singapore. My offered salary was 2200$ and I have 4 years of experience as automobile sales person.

Is it rejected because I am Chinese? I had worked in Singapore for 2 years in the past.

During my previous stay few years back I had a couple of fines for drinking in public, jay walking, littering, public toilet issues, etc.,. But they were taken care of long back. I am not sure why the S Pass got rejected now. Can anyone with a similar experience guide please??? Thanks.

If you could read threads related to S pass in Singapore forum, you must be aware the reason of rejection.

With 4yrs of experiences including 2yrs here in SG, you are not meeting the basic criteria to get approval of S pass. If you read carefully in MoM website, it has stated clearly that the eligibility of S pass is $2,200 for entry level. Presently, a 4yrs work experienced person in SG, should have asked for $3k to $3.5k minimum. So, your salary is way below to the market standard in SG. Better try another company with keeping mind of salary mentioned above or ask the employer to increase the salary at market standard, or else you will get same response from MoM each time. Good luck.

Thanks. This was higher than the previous salary I used to get in Singapore la. I am thinking the 15+ past fines had to do something with rejection. Should I mention that in my resume and aporogise so MOM man becomes sympathetic for another chance? I have spoken to HR for reapeal and they not know reason

Could be one of the reason, cause record says you are not a good n law abiding foreigner.

Unless the fines led to a criminal (or other conviction, it will not have an influence on work pass approval.
As Surya said, you are rejected because of too low salary. The requirements have changed and that you go one at even lower pay before is not relevant now.

The fines were harmless and it was years ago la. Those were silly like I forgot to flush in a rush, etc... There was however 1 case that i think was little serius... I accidently kept a test drive car for few weeks and the last employer had mood swings. He complain and fried me from job. But  re-solved mutally after he held a month salary and sent me back to China. Will that show up in the MOM computer as it was not mentioned in resume. I very law abiting citizen in my country now.

This depends on whether the previous employer lodged a copmplaint against you with MoM. If so, it will show up in your records and it might have an impact (depending on how serious MoM sees it and how long ago it happened).

He dint complaint to MOM. The IO did droppings of charges and it happen years back and fixed after paid old employer. Pass appeal will be done HR said and I sitting with crossed fingers. Will updation after. Thanks

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