Hello my Brunei friends

I am very much interested to work in the Brunei, but all my friends are told me that " It is very hard to get a job for foreigner "  Is it true my friends ?

If it is true , then , as a foreigner how we can reached to our dream come true.


Well I have posted my CV to various Brunei's online site, and had been waiting for more than 5 years now,    Very sad , to say that No answer from anyone.  REALLY VERY BAD .....

My friends, guide me to get at least any suitable job for my profession........

I am Pharmacist by profession, holding degree in pharmacy with 8 years working experiences in
retail chain pharmacy and hospital pharmacy .  Again the advantage is I am holding International
driving license too

So I am really eager to get any position in sales, marketing, pharmacy, clinic, or anywhere around Brunei.

Anyone is here to advise and guide me to go in the right direction ?

Move on!

Hi Girl

I am really loved your answer

YEA it is very true and need to Move on

Thank you my friend

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