UK midwife looking to move to Abu Dhabi

Hi all,

I am a UK midwife currently living and working in wales. I have been a midwife for a number of years now, and have been dreaming about working away for far too long. I have recently visited Abu Dhabi, which I absolutely loved and I am now finally starting the process to relocate there. I was lucky enough to have visited the Corniche hospital whilst I was there, and met with the HR department who now has my CV. However, in order to widen my chances of a job offer I was hoping someone would be able to provide me with more information on how to apply for jobs, whether to apply direct or through agencies, benefits of working in UAE, accommodation, work/life balance etc. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

For me, it would be better if you would come in Abu Dhabi as tourist and apply directly. Are you a HAAD Passer? If so, salary range is high compare to others who did not pass the exam. Also, you can apply in government hospital, where they will give you accommodation, air ticket and other stuff. Try also applying through hospital government website. Hope it helps. Good luck!

Thank you for your reply. I have not yet done the HAAD exam as only in the process of looking at and applying for jobs. Thank you for the advice.


Al danat in Abu Dhabi is recruiting at the moment. You've just got to look out and sign up for job alerts. Agency's are paid by employers to advertise jobs and some are got at arranging skype interviews. Most employers will help with the visa and haad.

I got offered a job there but found no felxibility in moving departments. Care is 1 Midwife : 2 labourers. (Both high risk) I like a mix of everything..

It's also a 48 hour working week with 4 long days.

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