Lots of info needed, who can help!

Hi everybody,
We're Kees and Carla Coomans from The Netherlands better known to you as Holland momentary we live in the Provence of Zeeland.
We're new here on this site and try to find out a lot of things.
We both work in the hospitality industry.
We want to build a small but luxury bungalow resort on our ground in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic.
Have look on our site please **
The site is a example of what we want, what is your opinion?
The Coodo's SEO's are not responding our e mails so we think they don't want to sell so we gonna build something like that.
We need for our business plan a lot of info for example a reliable architect /builder in the DR who can give us a prognoses of the costs to build, and insurance ect ect..
Are there any Dutch owned Hotels, B&B'S or Villa's that we can visit and talk to or members of InterNations , we come to the DR in 2018 Jan.15th until Feb12th.
Any info is welcome, thank you in advance!

Greetings Kees & Carla

Welcome to the forums, lots of info here for you to review. 

Until the link is approved, can't give you an opinion.

In terms of architect or builder, I can help you there but they do not work for free here giving info,  it is going to cost you something. just want to make sure you are prepared for that.

Happy to help any way I can.  I am in Santo Domingo if you will be near here on your trip.

Speak to Henri at the "Don Andres Hotel in Sosua. It is a Dutch owned & operated.It has been a small successful business for decades. Mention my name to him. I've nown them for over 15 years.  I'm Tamas.  Good luck with your venture, it will be a long haul.  Look, listen & learn. Do not have preconeived ideas & notions. If it works at home doesn't always means it will be applicable here.  Keep an open mind for new ideas.  Henri can be a veritable font of knowledge.  On top of that he is one of the good guys.

Thank you Planner and Tamas for the advice .


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We're working with Douglas Barker at Las Terrenas Property Services on our construction. He and his wife, Helen Mitchell, have been in LT for about 15 years and know the area and resources well.

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