hey all

anybody know where i can go to check out some scooter options. second hand is definitely an option.

just moved to nha trang and will be here for the following 2years so dont feel like dishing out necessary cash to taxis.

any suggestions


there are a quite a few stores that sell motorbikes / scooters. mainly west of town and north of the river. just hire a bike for a month and drive around and check out all the shops for a suitable bike. do some research on craigslist vietnam for the approximate value of the bike you are interested in so you know you are in the ballpark when you buy it. don’t forget to make sure the bike has the blue card and an invoice from the shop that they sold it to you. I know an honest Vietnamese guy that you can rent from if you want to message me,

you can get an idea on here. … ban-xe-may


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