3 month accommodation. Preliminary Research & Networking

Hello my name is Randy. My wife Amber and I are coming to Belize at the end of November For 10 weeks. We are  Canadians living in Vancouver. I am partnered in a small boutique recording facility in Vancouver. I am a music educator, and promoter and organizer. I am an accomplished Jazz pianist, recording artist, and audio engineer.  My wife is a music therapist as well as master scuba instructor with her own dive business in Canada.

I have been to Belize several times working for cruise lines as a performing musician. This was only for the day unfortunately, however it gave the chance to get a feel of the country. I have travelled extensively on and off ships for 18 years. Well we are looking to possibly stay long term and hopefully make some contribution as we feel we can bring some contributions to the community in our respective skills.

Our goal is to attempt a long term stay if not, permanent. Of coarse based upon logistics and the aforementioned goals are obtainable.
In the interim, we are seeking monthly renal accommodation that is reasonable. We look to blend in the community rather than the tourist locations. However diving is important and we hope to find something not too far inland. At least for the first while, as we want to enjoy the splendour there which will only inspire the original plan.
We are chill people who live and let live.

Hopefully there are some good suggestions.
Many Thanks

My initial thought is that Hopkins, Sittee River or Placencia might be good geographical fits for access to diving and inland adventures. For better or for worse, Norwegian Cruise Line bought Harvest Caye just south of Placencia. I believe they run their excursions out of Independance. Your knowledge of that industry might be advantageous if you wanted to check it out.

Thank you for your response. I certainly will investigate your suggestions.

Hi my name is Arthur
My lady friend Ela is looking for a room in a house in Corozal District, she will need access to the internet somewhere fairly safe. She is looking at three to six months timeline. Does anyone need a roommate?

I agree with KeriMeHome. Good combo of land and sea in those spots. Just so you know, there's a fair amount of animosity towards Norweigan right now because they have a little zoo of endangered jungle animals on an island. There have been other issues, but that one has raised a lot of ire.

Well maybe they should stick to floating on the ocean. If that isn't bad enough. At least maritime law has cracked down on the cruise industry. When I first started it wasn't good. I  have done my time and have no loyalty in that regard. We are not the tourist type. Having traveled extensively, when I visit a place I study the history and culture and not just swooping to say I was there. Which I have already started on Belize.

We just want a chill place where we can explore and be in relative safety regarding our basic belongings and health. We are all about the environment and preservation. Mostly the reason we want to relocate and get away from the madness. Thanks for the feedback.

We don't yet have anything confirmed and if ever that would be feasible, we will reply. Thanks for reaching out.

Awesome. I think you'll really like it. I try to be delicate, but I absolutely feel the same way. Be in touch if you come down. We're just south of Placencia.

Check out my rental to see if it suits your needs.  Available now.  Water paid till April next year.  Fruit and vegetable trucks drive by this expat residential  area.  Sea across the road is shallow and sandy

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https://www.expat.com/en/housing/centra … ca/belize/


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Hey Julien,
I am trying to edit the info. I would like to delete my post all together. I though I was posting on the accommodation section. As well the "introduction section.

@230bythesea: did you fix the cracks on the walls, or got insulation/sheetrock on? We got killed by the bugs coming thru all the cracks when we stayed there last year...
... but, real pretty place.
Hope they fix the road soon too, we where just in Hopkins last week, and the holes past Beaches and Dreams are getting quite deep...

The holes before beaches and dreams were quite deep too.  :huh:

no problem!

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