UCSI School

Hi All,

I am searching for an international school for my children aged 13 and 10 yrs old respectively.

Looking for GCE "O" Cambridge education system and UCSI came up in my research.

Looking up the forum, there was some negativity about the school in 2014, has the school been better?

Comments appreciated as my children intends to start schooling in Jan 2018.


I have a western acquaintance who is very happy with UCSI Subang Jaya - but the child (about 8 yrs old) is English mother tongue (and his father is an educationalist). Sometimes the lack of EMT teachers is seen as a test for the quality of the school, plus how many teachers have formal qualifications in teaching.  I did not go back and check where you got your impression from, but I do know that there is often some negativity about 2nd rung international schools from teachers in 1st rung ones. To be sure, ask the school for its examination success rates and other indicators.

This school is horrible... go see for yourself first. Old building that is falling apart and unsafe for kids.

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