Wants and Needs Good and Ugly

Being a foreigner should never stop oneself , from being respectful.
A few incidents to many has deprived me and my family from a longer stay in Phuket, a place we called home. 

Something we 'farangs' expats should ask ourselves this question again (wants & needs) after so many years being in Phuket. I'm pretty sure, the wants and needs back then when we first stepped foot in Phuket is different from now...

The few nails in 'our' coffin that made me want to leave

* I decided to play football and i was lucky to find a group of foreigners to play with, untill s*** happen. It takes a lot to piss me off, but when one of the 'europeans' started mouthing off at a local school boy for being slow and dumb as f*** that's quite a shocker for me

* I find cliques that often have much more to offer to the rest of the world, choosing not to. I saw a group of 'farangs' telling off a family of 3 to have better life decisions.... that family, is unfortunately a foreigner too whom somehow lost all their savings to some bad 'biz'

* weird foreigners who are out there trying to scam ! that's as much as i will say

* High season, such an awful time to be a foreigner.. because there's a lot of mishaps and a lot of charity/donations

As a muslim living in a few countries prior to Phuket, i try to be quiet and not say much. I feel that as foreigners we need to be more 'respectful' not only to the locals but also to one another. A neighbour of mine just shared an awful story of her first few weeks in Phuket and that made me come here and Sign up !

Just look at the world news, bad things happen everywhere.  I find most people lead messy problematic lives but I don’t feel qualified to tell them how to live.  Instead of getting involved with their problems I simply try not to add to their problems by offering unsolicited advice.  Being sensitive or indignant won't change how other people act and will simply make your life more difficult.  Sometimes we need to be more selective when it comes to the people we allow into our lives.

I agree whole heartedly with what you've said.... Sometimes those problems spill over to my front door... It's like flooding... The company i've kept in Phuket has been bare minimal, but somehow numbers grew just due to the missus...

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