Want to rent two rooms :)))

Hello. I am searching for two rooms to rent in a flat. One would be for me (i'm from Lithuania) and one for a girl from Tunisa, we are coming for an internship. Flat should be near alibeykoy. Maximum we can pay 200-250 euros per month each.

Hi Makalalaite,

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Please drop an advert in the Housing in Istanbul section of the website. You will surely get some offers.

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Hi makalalaite,

I suggest you to state name of your universty. Becouse Alibeykoy is a big town and i think you need to rent a home near the universty.

Good Luck

are u still looking?

honestly speaking, 200-250 euros per month for each of you is big amount. you can hire a beautiful flat with this amount.

hi dear i have a room just for you and your friend

Hello "dear" :D. Ok can you send some photos and location?

i don't know if u still looking or not but in this website u can find lots of rooms


good luck

Aaaahhhh. M also searching a room but its a bit hard task. So, I take a hotel for a month. Its much expensive but finally have a roof. Well, If you people are in Istanbul, than can we hook up for sometime outside like having a cruise dinner or something like this. My contact is +***. Tcz.

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Have you gotten any yet?

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