divorce wih jordanian citizen and help

I am looking for a help. My story with my ex husband (Jordanian citizen)  is long, sad and I also become part of sad statistic (women which has been left by men). I lived about 3 years in Irbid, Jordan and 6 months after I gave birth to my second child, I had to travel to visit my parents and the agreement was to return to him after one month. But, I never returned to him because he stopped to answer on my calls, and now after 10 long years I am thinking to sue him for alimony.  I am divorced in my country (serbia) and have all papers from court translated into  Arabic, but still did not find lawyer who will help me to make this irresponsible man to take his obligation for his kids.  Does anyone here knows some good lawyer in family law who can help me?
Thanks in advance !

my brother is lawyer, I will ask him today about procedures should be taken in this case, but I think you may sue him in Jordanian courts.
are  your children living  with you ?

I am also going to divorce my husband I found out today that we are in agreement. He does not want me and has never loved me. He just wanted to come to the USA and have an excuse to leave his military. After his family finally agreed he had left the military. I came to him alone to have a civil marriage and was lied to about the amount he would put if he divorced me.
He made me come back to the USA even after I begged to stay with him. I lost our baby and felt like I would die I have been alone every since hoping he could love me, but I realize he will never love me because I am not Muslim yet or Jordanian.
I plan to extend my business to Jordan just so I can feel some sense of solace. What do I need to know before I come, can you help me as well?

I spent some time in Jordan, my second child have been born there. I am Christian, and he is Muslim. But is this really define us who we are? Till I was there I realize one thing, an that is we- i mean people all around globe, are same, they are suffer, cry and lough above same things. In core of our beings we are same. So does he love me or not, does he support his kids or not, is not question which religion he belongs to, it is question of his personality, childhood and all other really small and big things in his growing up, which will determine him (or us)  as good, honest, responsible...
So i hope you will find good person to love you sincerely and make you fulfilled.

I don't know why he didn't love you, but If he don't love you because you are not jordanian or not muslim, you don't need him, anyone have like this bigotry we shouldn't deal with them.
I don't know why person hate another depend on his/ her religion or race or nationality, it is big shame
there is a lot of  christain activists in Arabic world help arab muslims, the most important thing in the person is humanitarian.

any help you want in Jordan , I am ready
what is the business you will extend ?

Loriann77 :

I plan to extend my business to Jordan just so I can feel some sense of solace. What do I need to know before I come, can you help me as well?

What kind of help you are looking for and what kind of business you want to start here?

Thank you for your kindness, I hope you also find the one for you as well. I loved him with all my being so healing will take a lifetime I am afraid.
It is okay, in life we learn and that's what helps us to grow.
Again thank you for your kindness ❤️

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