Sosua to Cabarete by Taxi

So my wife and I are looking to move to the DR next year and we are seeing a lot of Rentals in the Area between Sosua and Cabarete.  Since we do not plan to have a Vehicle I was wondering about Taxi's to go Grocery shopping, and just out and about, Since there does not seem to be much in-between the 2.  Would it be advisable  (Do any of you do it) to take a taxi out to dinner and return to that area say between 6pm and 10pm?

If you stay in either town you will have shopping and restaurants within walking distance.
Cabs between the two are around $25 each way.
Bob K

moto conchos, publicos & small buses are 15 to 20 times cheaper. Not as comfortable, but a taxi several times a week will cost more than owning a small car. Plus you will have freedom of mobility when you want, where you want. It could easily cost $800 to $ amonth for taxis.  Also that $25 is each way, not round trip. Look for other options to solve your quandry.

Hey Tinker Thanks for that, Clearly Public Transportation is the better option, Though I would love to have a car, everything I've read says it's a bad idea to drive on an overstayed Visa.  If we did have a car, we would only be using it for local trips, so still public transportation for trips to Santiago, or anything further afield just because of the Driving hassle (or at least the perceived driving hassle from reading the message board).

Maybe it's worth it's own thread, but what's the Opinion on Driving on an overstayed Visa?

Me personally, I wouldn't drive at all.  At least not until I was in the country for some period of time, was familiar with my community and with the way things work in general, AND could speak the language.

Your best bet in the beginning is use local taxis. Then find one you really like (or 2) and negotiate for repeat business. 

I do NOT ever recommend anyone use motoconchos. It is taking your life in your hands.

Carros publico and gua guas are a decent but not great option. They are less expensive then a taxi but you dont know who is driving. They can be maniacs!!!

On a tourist visa overstay you have NO options for driving legally. You can buy your way out of most anything BUT if you have an accident whether your fault or not your insurance is not valid.  That is the chance you take. 

One option buy a small vehicle, put on insurance and pay a local with a license to drive you!

I have never heard of anyone being asked to see a visa if stopped at a check point or receiving a traffic ticket Even when paying for a violation you just hand over the fine, mostly on the spot. They assume you are a tourist I guess. I show my US license even though I had a DR one. I'm sure that you will get diverging opinions on this. I only speak of my own experience & those of friends.

That is correct!!! No problem with trafgic stops etc.  The issue is if yiu have an accident! Your insurance company is looking for reason not to pay out!!!

I agree with Planner. On our one and only accident (moto ran into us) the first thing the insurance company wanted was a copy of our residency and cedula.

Bob K

That Is what I thought, Bad Idea to Drive on Overstay.  So I should look for a place with good access to Shopping (groceries) and Restaurants. ;-). Happy to use Caribetours for trips to city.

Had one more thought/question on this Overstay, Drive, Taxi issue.  If I rent a Car, and pay for the Car Rental Insurance though the rental company, would that insurance be valid on an Overstayed Visa? (not rent full time, just for a day or two to maybe get some bigger items, or visit another part of the Island).

No. Once your tourist visa expires SO DOES YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE. I have confirmed this with several lawyers. The tourist visa is  30 days, so is your license. After that use a driver or a taxi or public transportation.

ANY other choice then you take the risk.   Many many driver here illegally. That is fine if that is your choice. BUT if there is an accident, regardless of fault,  your insurance does not have to pay as you are ILLEGAL. 

That is the bottom line. The choice is yours. The risk is yours.

Thanks Planner!  That's what I suspected, and we don't plan to do anything that would put us at that kind of risk.  We lived in Belize for 2 years with no vehicle and NO public transportation, so I suspect we will find the DR much easier then that.

Good to hear!  And glad to help.

Yes using taxis and gua-guas will be much easier.

Bob K

Private driver vs taxi

Does anyone here use a private driver in Puerto Plata, instead of using a taxi?

I have two days in my upcoming visit when I have to travel a fair bit (downtown to Cofresi / Amber Cove and Sousa to Cabarete).  Taxi fares are outrageous - it will cost hundreds of dollars to make these trips at official rates.  I might rent a car, but I see many people here advising against that.

So I am wondering how easy it is to just hire a guy with his own car to be my driver for the day, and if anyone has any recommendations?


Contact Mike Mc Dermott, Owner of the Finish line bar. He has been here more than 30 years & knows everything about the area. His # (has Whatsapp)  is  PM me for it.  He usually doesn't answer the phone on Sundays.  He can help with real estate, rentals, where to find a plumber etc. A really good helpful guy. I am Tamas, good luck, he knows everybody. Let me know how you make out.

Thanks Tinker, I will do that.

I never use a taxi. I have hired an Uber driver for the day. You will find them more polite, honest, and drive a lot more safely than the typical taxi driver. I ended up spending much more for the Uber than I would have a taxi, but he took us everywhere we wanted to go, and waited for us without complaint.

I have used Uber and taxis. Ubers tend to be newer nicer vehicles.

However they are not available everywhere here yet. Check into that first.

Did you make that call yet?

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